V1.20 KTM BENCH KTM-BENCH ECU Programmer for BOOT and Bench Read and write NO Need Disassemble ECU




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KTM BENCH ECU Programmer for BOOT and Bench Read and write Kindly Notice: KTM-BENCH can not connect to internet, can not update, otherwise the device will be blocked, need be charged repair cost KTM Bench highlights: 1. Software: SE148: V1.1.99; SE148-B: V1.20 KTM-Bench add the ECU wiring diagram 2020(Both of them can not update) 2. No Tokens Limitation 3. Checksum is available when reading data 4. No limit of the car model and year + NO NEED disassemble ECUs Read and write Bosch ECUs (Infineon's chips) incl. flash and eeprom 5. Less risk to clone/copy ECUs Able to modify data or do chip tuning to achieve superior performance 6. Much cheaper, compared with the same functional tools The price is 1/10 of other programming tools in the market 7. No need to dismantle the ECU: 1) Easy to operate and save time up to 5-10 minutes. Otherwise it may take more than 20minutes to dismantle the ECU and even more than 1 hour, also the box may be damaged during dismantling. 2) Dismantling the ECU may damage the original ECU sealing condition. 3) After dismantling the ECU, the boot must be connected. 4) After reading out the data, it needs to reseal ecu. KTM Bench V1.99 Wiring Diagram Download KTM Bench 1.99 Software Driver Download KTM bench boot Introdution: KTM bench boot can read and write ECU via Boot & Bench (no need to open the cover), it is a cheap alternative compared with the expensive original one. KTM BENCH Coverage: Cover BMW N20, N55, N63, etc. to change or read/write ISN codes (such as CGDI BMW) Cover Bentley MED17.1.1 to read/write immo data Cover the latest Jaguar MED17.8.32 Cover VW MED17.5.5, MED17.5.22, MED17.5.25 ... ALL can be done without ECU disassembling Good equipment of high quality and with the best technology Professional service and good efficiency How to Connect KTM Bench ECU Programmer KTM Bench ECU Programmer connection Tips on KTM Bench Installation: 1. Please MUST first step to install driver file first and then connect the unit hardware to computer later at second step. DO NOT plug hardware to unit before install driver and computer detect driver. If customer plug hardware to PC occasionally, please unplug off hardware and uninstall driver. Then follow my first step to install driver file first and then connect hardware box to PC. CD have video instruction, please follow it and install. Thank you very much in advance. 2. If buyer install in right way and still meet problem about driver can not detect or shows error with software ,then please try another computer with Different System . Do not try same system always . Sometimes it is your computer system can't compatible. 3. Please must ONLY use our software ,Do not use other software from online or somewhere, it can not supports. Please disconnect internet, do not update yourself . If locked, buyer need pay cost to send back repair. Do not risk this ,thank you . Tips to use KTM Bench to read ECU: 1. KTM Bench 1.99 reads the ECU data according to the ECU type as well as the CPU chip type. The wiring diagram is also based on the ECU type and CPU chip type. 2. KTM Bench1.99 can read the data for all the [71] ECU types via boot cable instead of removing the ECU, but it requires to connect GPT0 and GPT1 cable. 3. For example, if the ECU box removed from the car is edc17 c54, then the CPU is tc1797, just follow our supplied wiring diagram to connect the ECU instead of removing the ECU, good to know: GPT0 and GPT1 cables must be connected, then choose 1797 cpu option. 4. KTM Bench reads the ECU data by dismantling the ecu and connect the boot, which is as the same as KTMflash 1.95. It requires to read the password first, then choose "read the data". V1.20 KTM Bench Newly Add ECU List: BOSCH_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C47_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_EDC17C55_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_ALL_BRAND BOSCH_EDC17CP10_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_EDC17CP11_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_JAGUAR_LR BOSCH_EDC17CP19_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_RENAULT BOSCH_EDC17CP20_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP27_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_JEEP BOSCH_EDC17CP42_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALL_BRAND BOSCH_EDC17CP44_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP46_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_EDC17CP47_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_OPEL BOSCH_EDC17CP54_XROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP58_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_RENAULT BOSCH_EDC17CP74_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17U01_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17U05_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_M17.8.7_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_POLARIS BOSCH_M17.8.42_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_KTM BOSCH_ME17.5.6_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.8.5_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_ROTAX BOSCH_ME17.9.6_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_ME17.9.11_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDAI BOSCH_ME17.9.20_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_RENAULT BOSCH_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_DUCATI BOSCH_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_HYUNDAI_KIA BOSCH_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_KTM BOSCH_ME17.9.23_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_RENAUL BOSCH_ME17.9.51_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_ME17.9.52_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_ME17.9.53_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_ME17.9.61_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_ME17.9.64_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_ME17.9.74_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_POLARIS BOSCH_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.6_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.10_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.11_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_PORSCHE BOSCH_MED17.1.21_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.27_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.62_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.3.4_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MASERATI BOSCH_MED17.3.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA BOSCH_MED17.3_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_FAL BOSCH_MED17.5.2_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.5_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.1_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.20_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.21_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.7.2_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_MED17.7.3_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_MED17.7.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_MED17.8.31_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ASTONMARTIN BOSCH_MED17.9.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_HONDA BOSCH_MED17.9.7_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_JAGUAR BOSCH_MED17.9.9_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_JAGUAR BOSCH_MEDV172_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_MINI BOSCH_MEVD17.2_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_MEVD17.4.4_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_ME17.8.8_IROM_TC1728_BAIC China BOSCH_ME17.8.8_IROM_TC1767_MG China BOSCH_MED17.8.10_IROM_TC1728_GEELY China CONTINENTAL_EMS2204_2207_2211_IROM_TC1738_FORD CONTINENTAL_SID208_IROM_TC1797_SSM_PSA CONTINENTAL_SIM2K_241_IROM_TC1738_HYUANDAI_KIA CONTINENTAL_SIM2K_241_IROM_TC1767_HYUNDAI_KIA Read and write an ECU in two ways: BOOT and Bench R/W an ECU via BOOT: Infineon: TC1762/TC1766 MICRO (1504KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1762/TC1766 EEPROM (32KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1792/TC1796 MICRO (2048KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1796 MICRO+EXT (4096KB/6144KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1796 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1796 EEPROM (128KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1792 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1738/TC1767 MICRO (2048KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1738/TC1767 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1797 MICRO (4096KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1797 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1797 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1797 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1724/TC1728 MICRO (1536KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1724/TC1728 EEPROM (64KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1782/TC1784 MICRO (2560KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1782/TC1784 EEPROM (128KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO (4096KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 MICRO+EXT (6144KB/8192KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 EXT (2048KB/4096KB) (permanent) Infineon: TC1793/TC1798 EEPROM (192KB) (permanent) Bosch: BMW/MB/VAG GPT (permanent) Bosch: Ford/Opel/Volvo GPT (permanent) Bosch: BMW TPROT8+ (permanent) Bosch: VAG TPROT8+ (permanent) Bosch: Kia/Hyundai/Honda TPROT8+ (permanent) Bosch: Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Fiat TPROT8+ [Test] (permanent) Bosch: VAZ/UAZ ME17.9.71 (permanent) Bosch: China ME17.8.8 (permanent) Continental: Kia/Hyundai/SsangYong SIM2K-24X/C201 (permanent) Continental: Ford EMS2204 (permanent) Continental: Ford EMS2207 (permanent) Continental: Ford EMS2211 (permanent) Continental: Ford SID208 (permanent) Continental: Ford SID209 (permanent) Continental: Ford Mondeo 4 SID807EVO (permanent) Continental: Ford Focus 3/Transit Connect SID807EVO (permanent) Continental: Citroen/Peugeot SID208 (permanent) Kia/Hyundai: Delphi MT86 EEPROM (16KB) (permanent) Mercedes-Benz: Delphi CRD3.1 EEPROM (32KB) (permanent) R/W an ECU on BENCH (without disassembling an ECU) ECUs covered: BOSCH_MED17.1.62_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C60_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_PSA BOSCH ME17.5.26 TC1724 VAG e-GPT BOSCH_EDC17CP57_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_EDC17C69_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA BOSCH_EDC17CP04_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C19_IROM_TC1792_EGPT_OPEL BOSCH_EDC17CP02_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17CP10_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_EDC17CP09_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17CP01_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_EDC17CP22_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VOLVO BOSCH_EDC17CP24_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C08_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDAI BOSCH_EDC17CP20_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP07_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_MEDV174_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_EDC17CP05_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_MEDV174_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_MEVD17.2_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_MED17.1_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C10_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_EDC17CP45_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17CP10_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_EDC17CV52_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_DEUTZ BOSCH_EDC17C18_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_OPEL BOSCH_EDC17C10_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C46_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.9.11_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDAI BOSCH_EDC17CP52_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALL_BRAND BOSCH_EDC17C08_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_PIAGGIO BOSCH_MED17.1.1_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C42_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_NISSAN BOSCH_EDC17CP22_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VOLVO BOSCH_EDC17CV54_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_ALLBRAND KEFICO_MEG17.9.12_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_KIA BOSCH_EDC17CV54_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_ALLBRAND BOSCH_ME172_BMSX_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW_MOTORRAD BOSCH_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_MAHINDRA BOSCH_EDC17C55_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_MAHINDRAV BOSCH_EDC17C49_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALL_BRAND BOSCH_ME17.7.8_TC1797_EGPT_IROM_MEB BOSCH_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_KTM BOSCH_EDC17CP14_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_HYUNDAI_KIA BOSCH_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_MAHINDRA BOSCH_EDC17CV54_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_ALLBRAND BOSCH_MED17.0.1_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_E86_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_CHEVROLET_GMC BOSCH_EDC17CV42_IROM_TC1797_EGPT BOSCH_EDC17CV41_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALLBRAND BOSCH ME17.3.0 TC1724 EGPT FAL BOSCH_MED17.3.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FAL BOSCH_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_SAME BOSCH_MED17.1.61_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C41_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_E86_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_CHEVROLET_GMC BOSCH_EDC17C50_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17C56_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17CP49_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_ME17.9.74_IROM_TC1762_EGPT_POLARIS BOSCH_EDC17C64_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MEVD172G_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_MEVD1728_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17CP48_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VOLVO BOSCH_EDC17C57_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDAI BOSCH_MED17.8.31_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_JAGUAR_LR BOSCH_EDC17C59_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_OPEL BOSCH_MED17.5.2_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.21_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.5.5_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.5.24_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.2.4.2_BMSO_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_BMW_MOTORRAD BOSCH_EDC17C74_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.8.3_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MCLAREN BOSCH_MED17.3.4_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MASERATI BOSCH_EDC17C66_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_MED17.7.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_MERCEDES BOSCH_MED17.5.5_IROM_TC1766_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP14_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP47_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_OPEL BOSCH_MEVD17.2.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_BMW_MINI BOSCH_MED17.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C84_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_NISSAN BOSCH_MED17.5.25_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.8.31_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ASTONMARTIN BOSCH_MED17.4.4_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_EDC17CP68_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VOLVO BOSCH_ME17.9.21_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_DUCATI BOSCH_EDC17C73_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_ME17.5.6_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.1.1_IROM_TC1796_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.1.11_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_PORSCHE BOSCH_MED17.1.21_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17CP50_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_HONDA BOSCH_MED17.9.3_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_HONDA BOSCH_EDC17C79_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_FCA BOSCH_MED17.3.5_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA BOSCH_MED17.9.7_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_JAGUAR_LRV BOSCH_EDC17CV42_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_MAN BOSCH_MEDC17.9_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_JAGUAR_LR BOSCH_EDC17CP55_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_JAGUAR BOSCH_EDC17CP62_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDAI BOSCH_EDC17C70_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_KIA_HYUNDA BOSCH_MED17.2_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_MED17.1.27_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_MED17.9.63_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_EDC17C49_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_ALL_BRAND BOSCH_EDC17C76_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_ME17.5.20_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C54_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_EDC17C53_IROM_TC1767_EGPT_MAHINDRA BOSCH_EDC17CP65_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_EDC17C69_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_FCA BOSCH_ME17.9.64_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_SUZUKI BOSCH_ME17.9.52_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_ME17.9.71_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_PSA BOSCH_ME17.9.23_IROM_TC1724_EGPT BOSCH_ME17.7_XROM_TC1796_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_MED17.1.10_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_VAG BOSCH_ME17.9.71_IROM_TC1724_EGPT_PSA BOSCH ME17.5.22 TC1724 VAG e-GPT BOSCH_EDC17CP05_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_ME17.2.4_BMSMP_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_BMW_MOTORRAD BOSCH_MED17.0.7_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_FORD BOSCH_MEVD1784_IROM_TC1797_EGPT_BMW BOSCH_EDC17C83_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_ISUZU BOSCH_MED17.8.32_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_JAGUAR_LR BOSCH_MED17.7.7_IROM_TC1793_EGPT_MEB BOSCH_ME17.9.53_IROM_TC1782_EGPT_TOYOTA BOSCH_ME17.8.33_IROM_TC1793_MCLAREN In conclusion: All programming tools above can be used for ECU read and write, but differs in ECU coverage and r/w method. There is NO LIMITS of the car model and year when using KTM bench to read/write data. But if you have chips and gearboxes to read and write, you should have a KTM flash. The bad is: disassembling is required. KTM bench doesn’t cover chips and gearboxes and KTM OBD cannot not work good for gerabox r/w. FYI, you'd better check the ECU/gearbox/chip before your purchase. Package includes: 1pc x KTM BENCH ECU Programmer KTM Bench Reviews: Review 1: Tested on EDC17C50 BMW, work, tested on EDC17C54 VW work, tested on EDC17C64 VW not work. Review 2: Tested on EDC17CP09 BMW work, EDC17C50 BMW work, EDC17CP20 VW work, EDC17C74 VW work, EDC17CP44VW don't work, (a friend from me solved it with higher voltage) so far, so good.... Review 3: I have it. I bought it because I needed it for SID208 PSA, after I got the tool I tried to do the job, but at first, I couldn't read password... The problem was the power supply, it is better to use good power supply, or just connect the tool to good battery... After this I managed successfully read/write this ECU. Also did successful read/write to VW EDC17C46, Volvo EDC17CP22 or EDC17CP48 (don't remember which one, because one of them I couldn't make reading)... Review 4: Today did tests on VW EDC17CP04 - everything ok, did writing few times without any problems Review 5: Tool work flawless. It's very stable. I work with it on VAG Edc17 UDS , Edc17 Tricore Module …. Review 6: Now its best solution for obd reflash in my opinion. No any dead Land Cruiser, it works like ak47 Review 7: working very good with VAG 1.2TDI DCM 3.7 read write cks correcting, good tool i have lot of modules all working good Review 8:Working very good. I work with it on VAG Edc17 UDS , Edc17 Tricore Module Review 9: Work well with continental sid 208 (Psa,Ford), edc17cXX can&kline old&new (obd) Review 10: Done over 10 f series bmws using bitbox and no problems KTM Bench FAQS: Q: KTM Bench and Kess/ktag, which is more powerful? A: If do not open ecu, ktm bench is better; whiel kess/ktag support more vehicles Q: It work with Windows 7 64 bit laptop? A: No, you need work it on Windows 7 32bit laptop Q: Does it includes ecu pinout user manual A: The user manual is inside KTM Bench software cd. Q: Does it support Checksums Calculattion A: Yes, it support

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