Transdata Dimsport Software For Ktag 6070 Not Work For Ktag 7020


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Transdata Dimsport Software For Ktag 6070 Not Work For Ktag 7020

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New Trasdata is a unique tool supporting all microprocessors utilized by any kind of vehicles in the Automotive field, for reading and programming operations in JTAG, BDM and BOOT mode.

Developed as the evolution of Trasdata project previously issued - already successful and appreciated for its innovation (example: self-identification of the plugin required, creation of backup copies of the whole ECU firmware, etc.), New Trasdata opens new doors to JTAG communication, utilized by Asian vehicle manufacturers but also available in many new applications in Automotive.

A wide range of JTAG developments enhances now the range of BDM and BOOT applications previously released. The list of microprocessors (CPU) now includes:

• Motorola MPC5xx (BDM mode)
• Motorola MC68xxx (BDM mode)
• Motorola MPC55xx (JTAG mode)
• Renesas SH705x (AUD/BOOT mode)
• Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH82xx (BOOT mode)
• Infineon Tricore (BOOT mode)
• ST Microelectronics ST10xxx (BOOT mode)
• Motorola HC12 (BDM mode)
• Renesas M32R (BOOT mode)

New Trasdata allows to enhance the range of vehicle supported by New Genius via OBDII: when the ECU microprocessor (CPU) is provided by ‘anti-tuning’ feature (blocking the OBDII tuning operations), a software patch realised by New Trasdata unlocks the OBDII communication, which is therefore restored and supported.

Are you a professional in the Automotive field? New Trasdata is the ideal tool for you! Just get the hardware, choose which applications to enable and then start working.

New Trasdata allows the reading and programming of the whole content of the ECU: a microprocessor (CPU), flash Eprom and serial EEPROM. A wide variety of operations is therefore supported: after the initial reading, it is always possible to retrieve the original ECU content even in the case of blocking (back-up). This tool also performs autonomous checksum recalculations to ensure normal engine working conditions after the modification.

The operations can be performed without any physical soldering/ desoldering intervention: a metal positioning frame provided with specific terminal adapters create the connection between the ECU board and the tool.

Specific functions conceived for the tuning field like the mentioned reading of the whole ECU firmware, or the self-identification of the engine maps and important additional parameters (even if located in different components of the ECU), confirm New Trasdata as the leading tool available today on the market for reading and programming operations in JTAG, BDM and BOOT mode.

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