Saleae16 100M USB Logic ECU Data Analyzer


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Saleae16 100M USB Logic ECU Data Analyzer

Continuing to support the official release of the software, the current version is 1.2.14. And support follow-up software upgrades.

Software version :1.2.14

SALEAE LOGIC16 profile:
1 Real-time acquisition using USB2.0 high-speed interface to upload to the computer, the computer terminal to implement real-time data storage management, and then collected after the end of the display.
2 Using the computer's memory as the acquisition memory, so you can to traditional logic analyzer memory depth can not be compared easily reach G-level storage depth.
3 The power of the software lies in SALEAE protocol analysis. Support more than 10 kinds of serial protocol. Waveform to the waveform can be acquired in accordance with the bus protocol rules on analysis of the content of the display, so can be seen as an error. Very intuitive, used once, to ensure you put it down, breaking away from the waveform of speculation. Especially in the FPGA bus interface protocol model to achieve, but also more convenient than before emulation almost!
4 Can be flexibly set the sampling rate and the number of acquisition channels, 3-way acquisition time to achieve the highest sampling rate of 100M, 6 times to achieve 50M sampling rate, sampling rate to achieve the highest 32MHZ 9 Road, 16 Road, when the time to achieve the highest sampling rate of 16M.
5 Small size, easy to carry, use USB power, easy on-site commissioning. 

SALEAE LOGIC16 powerful protocol analysis Features:    
1 Including SPI, UART, CAN, JTAG, 1-WIRE, etc. to support up to 17 kinds of serial protocol analysis. Covering almost all common serial board-level and site-level bus protocol. The official also gives various serial protocol design resources,

2 You can set the protocol analysis parameters, such as we are familiar with RS232 protocol, board-level general called UART. You can set the baud rate settings interface inside, data length, stop bits, parity, and other parameters. This setting can be set before the acquisition can also be collected after any change to the data set will be in accordance with the new settings, new data analysis and display.

3 Support for multiple protocols simultaneously parse, and online display parsed. Data analysis of a variety of display forms have ASCII code, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary, etc.

4 More than to see an online real-time analysis protocol, you can view the details of the timing, conduct DEBUG. You can also view the content of communications from the macro to save the contents of the protocol parsing the output to a text file and spreadsheet files. The following figure shows the output of the I2C protocol to resolve screenshot text TXT file and spreadsheet files.
Recommendations on improving sampling rate and instructions:
1 Try to pick a desktop computer's USB port behind. Connected to the front of the USB prone to low-rate issues, because the internal use of low quality for a very long line connecting the front panel and the host computer motherboards.
2 The performance of the notebook's USB port and USB power quality is often better than desktops, are more prone to low rate of tips.
3 The use of USB HUB also affect the sampling rate, and USB power quality.
4 If the USB port next to the USB port also has told the USB devices, such as WIFI card, U disk, etc., will also affect the collection rate.
5 A logic analyzer before each shipment we went through a three-channel multiple computers 100M acquisition tests to ensure the performance of the product itself.
6 Four board rigorous design (aluminum enclosure Deluxe Edition), to ensure the highest performance USB.




1 Whether direct support official software? What systems are supported? Support WIN8?
A: direct support official software. You can download the software directly from the official, you can also ask the owner has downloaded with multiple operating systems and versions. The official has provided WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC and other PC software we all support. And support for subsequent versions of the software upgrade.
2 It really can reach 100M samples.
A: Support 100M sampling mode. Supports up to 100M under Mode 3-way, if your computer is USB 2.0 support is not good for the high-speed mode may support less than a 3-way. This is not our product's personality, but all SALEAE16 in common! Our products have passed before shipping 3-way test 100MHZ mode.
3 Support of the threshold voltage adjustment.
A: All domestic cottage brand SALEAE not supported. This is clearly identified. We do not support, although there setting the threshold voltage of the SALEAE software inside, domestic brands are all cottage ignore this setting.
4 Before the product is shipped through what test
A: 1, current tests. 2,16 path 16M test mode, to ensure the correct each path. 3,3 Lu 100M mode testing to ensure the highest sampling rate can be achieved. These three tests after welding, after packaging, have done a test prior to shipment. Pictures will be posted later in the test.

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