MST500 MST-500 Hand-held Motorcycle Scanner Tool



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MST500 MST-500 Hand-held Motorcycle Scanner Tool

MST-500 Description:

1, Hand-held operation, convenient and flexible to use
2, Support for SD cards to store data and upgrades, more convenient and easier
3, Reserved CAN bus interface
4, 3.2-inch color screen, clear display.

1. Read the information system
2. Read the data stream
3. Read fault codes
4. Clear fault codes
5. Freeze data
6. CO Idle speed adjustment
MST500 Features:

Power: DC10-15V
Operating Current: 250mA
Screen: 160 * 105 LCD
Keyboard: membrane keyboard
Storage temperature: -10 C to 85 C
Operating temperature: 0 C to 70 C
Humidity: <90%
Upgrade Ports: USB port
Communication ports: COM port
1, Support Motorcycle:

"H-O-N-D-A", "S-Y-M", "K-Y-M-C-O", "Y-A-M-A-H-A", "K-A-W-A-S-A-K-I, "S-U-Z-U-K-I", "P-I-A-G-G-I-O", "V-E-S-P-A-", "P-G-O", "H-A-R-T-F-O-R-D", "A-E-O-N", "K-T-M", "D-A-Y-U-N "etc.
2, Support Function:

(1) ECU information
(2) Dynamic Data
(3) Read fault code
(4) Clear fault code
(5) Component Test
(6) Special function, such as: Accelerator reset, ISC reset, CO volume adjust etc
You can check the dynamic data by numerical curve change in waveform.

Easy update, only need to connect PC with U disk, Click "USB memory" in the manually, you can see PC find new U disk after you click OK. Then, you can copy the update file into U disk, then plug off U disk from PC side, then you can finish update according the notices. (When TF card could not reset ok, then please plug again, finish update as it said)

Package List:
1pc x SYM
1pc x KYMCO
1pc x SUZUKE-1
1pc x SUZUKE-2
1pc x PGO
1pc x YAMAHA
1pc x AEON-1
1pc x HONDA
1pc x POWER Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x MAIN Cable
1pc x SD

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thanks for wonderfull product :)

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Date Added: 06/14/2017 by Holger Condic
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Ok, works.


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