How to activate KESS 5.017 2.23 to Kess 2.47?


How to activate KESS 5.017 2.23 to Kess 2.47?

Hello,everyone,here we share how to update your KESS 5.017 from 2.23 to 2.47

Step 1:

Download the KESS 2.47 software link from

Step 2:

Install it,and offer us the Name and ID like below:


Step 3: will send you one EXE.file,please copy this file to your KESS 2.47 folder,like this:


after,press this EXE file,it will ask for you code

we will send you this code,then all ok

then,all finished


Notice when you update your kess 5.017:

1 Better to use WIN7,WIN8,XP is not stable for this 2.47 software

2 This 2.47 software update is only for the KESS 5.017 RED PCB ,sold by us!
It cannot work for KTAG or Green PCB Kess,Please notice this.
3 This 39USD cost is for one time activated,if you want more time,it need pay again.
4 Once you get your software,please give us your Name and ID,we will give you code back.

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