FVDI V2015 Mileage Correction Testing Reported Shared by Customers !


2015v FVDI Full ABRITES Commander 18 in 1 With USB Dongle is one of the big welcomed diagnose + programming tools for many brands of vehicles. Just as customers knew, the FVDI V2015 Full Version comes with 18 activated software and can do Diagnose + Odometer Correction+ Key Programmer + ECU Programmer as well as do special functions for VW, AUDI,BMW and so on multi car models.

And FVDI ABRITES Commander Mileage Correction Support Car List (Tested OK) feedbacks by autocardiag.com customers will be shared here for all buyers.

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"I ran a small car repair store in USA and have bought 2015V FVDI Abrites Commander from www.autocardiag.com for half an month,and till now,works great without any problems, i'm very happy for this decent quality.

And I have used FVDI on my own cars or my customers vehicles during the pass half an months,and here is my tested report sharing  (today,i will mainly share FVDI V2015 Mileage Correction Supported Cars

For VAG VW Audi Seat Skoda Test Result

Audi A4 2005 Bosch Crypto RB8 change mileage OK
Audi A4 2009 OBD --- OK, it is necessary to 40-50 min
Audi a4 2008 km OBD OK edc16 by OBD write OK but need try 3 times
Audi A4 B8 8K, Q5 and A5 All OK, but it takes some time.
Audi S5 2008 OBD All OK
VW Touran 2004 km OK dash+ ECU
VW Touran 2012 dash (in service mode) by OBD –OK
VW Tiguan 2009 2011. OK
VW Passat B6 2009 --- OBD OK
VW Eos 2007 OBD --- OK
VW Golf 4 OK
VW Golf 5 2006 OBD --- OK
VW Golf 6 2011 OK
VW Polo 2003 OBD OK
VW Caddy 2013 2014 OK
Skoda 2011 1.6i Mileage correct + flash +EEPROM+ key - ALL read and write OK
Skoda Octavia 2012 OK (via service mode)
Skoda Octavia 2003 OBD --- OK
Seat Ibiza 2012 OK

For Ford Test Result

Ford Mondeo 2008 Dash with big color display mileage correction-OK
Ford Mondeo 2009 Color LCD OBD OK
Ford Galaxy 2010y dash with color display OBD –OK
Focus 3 Mk III 2011 color screen cluster by OBD OK.
Ford Fiesta 2012 - read km OK

For Peugeot Citroen Test Result

Peugeot 207 2009 km and pin OK,
Peugeot 307 2006 via OBD OK
Peugeot 307 2007 km change, JC BSI OK,
Citroen C3 2007 km change OK,
Citroen C4 2005/2006/2007 OK

For Mercedes Benz Smart Maybach Test Result

Mercedes W221 2007 works OK (Read EEPROM and ZGW flash first when FVDI ask “do you want to install can blocker” push YES
Mercedes W169 and W245 OBD km and service history OK,
Mercedes A class W169 odometer by OBD works like a charm
Mercedes ML 2009 works perfect by OBD, changed km in dash
Mercedes B class W245 diesel 2006 only dash by OBD, first write 999999km start car then write value that i need. (If you put less km then you have on cluster, EZS will return org km. If you put 999999km and start car EZS will get 999999km and synchronization cluster, EZS will be block. Then you will have in EZS 999999km and then you can put km in cluster that you want.) "

Just as we have seen, autocardiag.com FVDI V2015 works great without any problems.So,if you are in the marketplace for a professional and affordable universal diagnostic tools ,then you can give FVDI V2015 a shot and now the biggest promation for fvdi is available at www.autocardiag.com as well.

FVDI V2015

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