How to pay the order

Welcome to will always try to provide a conevience and fast shopping experience for customers .

And following is a step by steps guide on how to put order and how to use the coupon at, so,let's start now !

Step 1. you need creat a account at,and fill with your detailed shipping address correctly,pls assure your shipping address is same as your billing address.

2.If you already have a account at,then you can login in directly

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Step 2.Put the product you wanna to buy into your shopping cart

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Step 3. Confirm your product information and your shipping address,if no problems,then click "" proceed to checkout"

Step 4.Then you need to confirm your shipping address, shipping method,payment method and so on and just in this step,when click payment method

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you will find there has a "DISCOUNT COUPON " Zon,then input the coupon into the blank of "Redemption Code",see pix show

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Step 5.Click " Continue Checkout",you will find the discount was working,see pix show

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Step 6.Confirm the order to go to Final Step to checkout.